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Your own application is an extremely useful tool. Designing it will be a great joy for us and make users’ lives easier. Everyday life can take on a new nature and transparency and thus make it easier to achieve planned goals.

Imagine experience related to the use of the application that increase productivity, interesting User Experience (UX) that engages the brand in interaction with consumers. And to top it all very fresh design, developed for basic iOS and Android mobile platforms, so you can connect with users in your environment.

The development of mobile applications provides modern and efficient tools to work not only with clients, but also with employees of the company. With this possibility, you can easily manage both business and employee relationships. The application can be an integrated CRM system module that supports processes within the organization.

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A few words about technology

Mobile applications are created as a dedicated solutions most often for systems on Android and iOS platforms, which easily use all the attributes of devices such as: camera, microphone, accelerometer in order to increase the usability of your application. Technology evolves and so do efficiency, speed and utility values. A little while ago, frameworks such as Cordova or Titanium were used in creating applications.

Everything changed in 2015, when Facebook introduced React Native. A seemingly simple solution based entirely on JavaScript with a slight difference: it gives you the ability to create native elements for both Android and iOS and methodologically refers to wellknown internet solutions. In practice, this means that React Native develops elements of logical components such as „screen”, „header”, „list”, „button” etc., to create an interface built of universal blocks. Then compiles the code to the preferred platform (Android, iOS).

The procedure is very similar to the creation of websites where the main structure is created in HTML, and the interpretation of different screen resolutions (tablet, smartphone) is adopted by using appropriate styles, such as CSS3.

That is why designing mobile applications gives us so much fun, we are encouraged by the growing number of satisfied users.


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