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Web development

Creating the websites

Like house made of bricks and mortar, you know a well-written code by whether it stands the test of time and, of course, withstands the complexity of browser requirements and the resolution of different screens.

We develop custom websites and solutions for different platforms to ensure the best fit to the needs of your website design. Our services are comprehensive - we help in consulting, business analysis, design and development.

We implement websites that communicate brands, information platforms, corporation websites and product launches. Our responsive websites are designed with world class quality; they increase ranges, attract potential customers and create an impressive aura around the brand.

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Customers and needs

At the beginning, we delve into and get to know your business, to understand all its aspects, recognize beliefs, thoughts, intentions and feelings. By analyzing the identification of your company's needs, we show development opportunities and paths to excellence. User experience is our hobby, that is why we never ignore the importance of UX usability.

Systems and applications

We create efficient and extensive CRM systems. What does it mean for you? You obtain order and control with a transparent flow of information. A clear list of activities and events with your clients will take your business towards highly effective contracts. We implement projects in the area of product management, warehouse management, workflow and cash flow. The implemented solutions are fully dedicated, i.e. fully meet the needs of your business.

Single and multi websites

It's no secret that we've grown up by designing and implementing websites. Our approach to design and develop has been appreciated by many smaller and larger customers. We implement very extensive and multi-level websites, as well as minimalistic and simple „one page site” types. We are not closed to small scale projects and to work with small and medium-sized companies. We support their growth and first steps on the market.

Internet shops

We have been designing e-commerce solutions for various industries for years. We implement simple, mobile and friendly interfaces that enable quick purchase from any device. The control panel we have prepared allows you to manage the store and the products from any device. We integrate many applications through API like: PayU, warehouse systems, courier companies, etc.


Tools we know and like

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